How do I create a woocommerce product list layout?

Showing your woocommerce products in a list will help you increase your sales because a product list view is superior to a table view. Unfortunately woocommerce plugin itself doesn’t provide a product list view option.

However, using the plugin WooCommerce Product Table PRO you can now easily show your products in a list view on your woocommerce site. You can create woocommerce product list layout that is customized to your exact site requirements. Colors, styling, content elements, column are all fully customizable using a visual editor. Anyone can use it, and no coding is needed.

Product list demos

Below are some examples of product lists created using WooCommerce Product Table PRO covering different industries. Please keep in mind all demos are fully customizable and you can create your own product list with ease.

1. Food Menu Demo

WooCommerce sites that are selling food need to show food items in a menu layout. A list like layout will be much better for selling food items than a product grid.

2. Electronics List Demo

A product list layout will help you show chief features of your electronics products on the main shop page itself. With this layout customers are able to browse products much more easily.

3. Wine List Demo

Show the important properties of your wine / liquor bottles using a smartly built product list layout. Customers will understand your products at a glance and known which one to purchase.

4. WooCommerce Product List General Demo

This is a general list demo where you can see a very smart layout of the products in a list. This view is clearly superior to a grid style display of the products.

The WooCommerce Product Table PRO plugin is used on thousands of sites by woocommerce site owners and agencies to increase conversions on the site by showing products in a list that is optimized for sales.

Why you should use product list layout

A custom product list layout is far superior to the default product grid layout included in the woocommerce plugin for increasing sales.

This is because product list will help your customers browse and understand your products much more easily as it provides more information about the products at a glance. And it will ensure that your customers find and purchase the products that they need quickly. You stop missing out on sales and your product catalog does much better at conversions than any competitor’s product grid layout. So switch to a product list view today!