WooCommerce Product Table

A fantastic plugin to help you create WooCommerce product table layout and increase conversions. Gives a clear birds-eye-view of your shop’s offerings and matches prospective customers with their desired products asap. Includes a powerful, intuitive table editor and carefully thought out UI facilities so you can enjoy speed, convenience and ease in your product catalog development.

Detailed plugin tutorials

Step-by-step tuts with screenshots and videos to ensure absolutely anyone can build the product catalog table that they need.

Prompt, motivated support

Got questions regarding the plugin or need help in using the plugin? Glad to assist! Please send your message here. 🙂

Beautiful, responsive tables

Try viewing the demos on mobile. As you can see, these product tables look and work great on phones as well!

WCPT Demos

You can create a WooCommerce table view for your products right now.  Just head over to the WordPress plugin repository and start with the WooCommerce product table plugin free download. In case you require advanced facilities check out the far more powerful PRO version.

WCPT PRO: For professional results

The PRO version provides a bevy of powerful features for web shops that require professional results. Display attributes as icons/images, turn custom field phone number into links, freeze columns left/right etc. Create attribute and custom field filters so your visitors can easily browse your products and find the perfect match they are looking for. Use the PRO version to create your next level product catalog tables.

WCPT PRO Features

PRO offers many more powerful features. See full list here.

Archive override

Replace grids with tables on shop, category, search, attribute, tag pages (demo).

Variation table

Show all the variations of a variable product in separate product rows.


Customers can quickly add products to cart using a checkbox system instead of buttons.

Remove from cart

Customers can conveniently remove items from cart without going to cart page.

PRO exclusive features:

  • More navigation elements: Custom field, Attribute, Availability, Sale, Taxonomy, Rating filters.
  • Re-label terms for: Attribute, Category and Taxonomy. Relabels can be text, HTML, icon or media image.
  • Show custom fields as: site link, phone number link, PDF link, HTML or image from media library.
  • Sorting icons placed in the column headers for better convenience. 
  • Provide options to sort products by any custom field as text or number in the Sort By filter. 
  • Freeze columns on the left, right or both sides.
  • Unlock the conditions feature that radically increase the table’s output potential. Create element toggle conditions based on attribute, custom field, stock and product type. 
  • Use the Media image and Icon elements to spruce up your catalog and convey information smartly. Beautiful icon library (Feather icons) is integrated.
  • And more…

Along with that:

  • All PRO version updates for 1 year
  • Priority support for 1 year included
  • Risk free 30 day money back guarantee

For Only $49 $59