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Simplest way to increase sales πŸ“ˆ
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The world's most powerful and downloaded woocommerce extension plugin to show your products in custom table, list and grid layouts πŸ† woocommerce product list woocommerce product table woocommerce product grid

  • βœ“   Used on over 10,000 woo stores
  • βœ“   Fantastic rating, 99% over 5 years
  • βœ“   Easy to setup, anyone can use on their store
woocommerce food menu demo
woocommerce product list accessories demo
woocommerce product table demo
woocommerce product table domains demo
Improve the way products are listed on your shop and increase your sales starting today! Make it much easier for customers to find and buy products from your store. Try demo builder See all demos

Did you know - WooCommerce shop has a major problem?

woocoommerce product table is better than grid 🚫 If your shop looks like this it needs help right now! Know more...
cross symbol grid image
WooCommerce displays products in a simple grid layout on your shop page which makes shopping unnecesarily difficult for your customers πŸ‘Ž
  • ❌ Does not show key features of products
  • ❌ Weak product search and filter facilities
  • ❌ Slow and tedious add to cart process
checkmark list image
You can easily replace this product grid with a product list or product table layout with added powerful facilities that make shopping much easier πŸ‘
  • βœ“ Easy to understand products at a glance
  • βœ“ Powerful product finding facilities
  • βœ“ Smooth and quick purchase process
⚠️ Fix this problem and stop losing sales today!
A woocommerce shop that shows its products in a list or table layout (instead of default grid layout) makes it far easier for its customers to browse and compare products. This greately improves the shopping experience on the site and customers are easily able to find and purchase the products they need. WooCommerce Product Table PRO is the world's most popular plugin to create product table and list view on woocommerce run sites. With this easy to use tool you can present your shop's product catalog in the best way to boost sales!

Solution: Switch to a better product layout for your shop!

Showing your products in the following layouts on your shop page will lead to far higher sales than the default woocommerce product grid layout.

 table icon
'Table' view
Perfect for selling products that require focus on key attributes. Especially shops selling spare parts, groceries, audio, wholesale, etc. See examples:
list icon
'List' view
Best for shops selling products that require focus on description and image. Especially shops selling food, consumer electronics, etc. See examples:
grid icon
'Smart grid' view
Create an improved grid layout and provide view switcher to see products in either grid or table layout (requires addon plugin). See examples:

Getting started with WooCommerce Product Table plugin

β€” Free version β€”

WooCommerce Product Table Lite

Easily create your quick order forms and place them anywhere on your site. Great for starting out! Download woocommerce product table lite from wordpress.org
  • Installed on 10,000+ sites
  • 200+ 5 star reviews
β€” PRO version β€”

WooCommerce Product Table PRO

  • Show product table on shop page
  • Automatic product cost calculator (price * qty)
  • Infinite scroll while browsing products
  • Show variation selector inside the table
  • Checkbox for bulk add to cart
  • Create separate product table for variations
  • Child row to neatly show more product information
  • Smart property layout to explain products
  • 14 pre-made beautiful starter tables
    + show more
    • Attribute and custom field filters
    • Dozens of 3rd party plugin integrations
    • Sorting icons in column headers
    • Show previously ordered products
    • Sticky table header and sticky columns
    • Range slider for price and custom field filters
    • Hide empty navigation filters and show filter count
    • Download CSV file of all products in the table
    • Download button for product files such as PDF, audio, zip, images, etc
    • Product availability element with color coding for different availability status
    • Conditional logic for showing table elements
    • ToolTip to provide more information in table or navigation
    • Show gallery images in the product table
    • Show enlarged product image on hover
    • Instant search and sort for one page results

WooCommerce Product Table PRO demos

Includes 14 downloadable demos you can start using right now on your site!

woocommerce product table plugin demo

Explore product table demos based on industry

All demos are ready to be downloaded and used right now βœ“
These demos can be completely customized based on your needs βœ“
They can be interchanged so you can use them across any industry βœ“

Food menu

For restaurant menus, catering price list, co-op wholesale, add-on options for order.

Audio shops

For selling tunes, sheet music, audio lessons, podcast subscriptions.

Spare parts

Detailed large table with property columns including PDFs, quote, wholesale, download CSV.

Domain names

Provide price list for expired domain names along with essential domain properties listed in columns.


For selling and comparing phones, laptops, TVs and more on regular and affiliate stores.

Wine / Fine liquor

Optimized for wine stores. Including filters required to help customers quickly find and purchase wines perfect for them.


Fantastic list and table displays for selling tires. Showcase all their important properties in convenient layout.

General demos

You may use these for selling any type of products. These demos works great across all industries.

WooCommerce Product Table PRO Features

Take advantage of the most feature packed and flexible plugin to help you create high conversion product tables for your e-commerce site. Built on thorough research of top e-commerce stores this plugin helps enhance every aspect of the web shop: (1) searching for products, (2) browsing product information and (3) purchasing products. Below are some of its feature highlights:

⭐️ All highlights
πŸ” Improved Finding
πŸ“– Easy Browsing
πŸ›’ Fast Purchase
πŸ”Œ Addons
# Other
browse An enchanced browsing experience where customers can quickly understand all important aspects of your products at a glance.
find Improved search and filtering facilities to help buyers instantly narrow down on products based on their criteria with ease.
purchase Make the purchase process simpler and faster to ensure every sale. No more delay or confusion on the last step!

Show product table on the 'Shop' page

Display your products in a table on your woocommerce shop page. You can show product table on category, search, attribute and tag pages as well. Optionally, assign specific table layouts to specific pages. (see demo)

Add to cart using checkbox

Using the checkbox add to cart facility your customers can easily add multiple products to their cart. This is great for stores that require bulk add to cart for quicker shopping. (see demo)

Variation table

Show all the variations of a variable product in separate rows in your product table. You can also replace the add to cart form for variable products with variation tables on product page. (see demo)

Grid – table view switcher

Give your visitors the option to view products in grid or table view. Create a secondary custom grid view and let visitors browse products in the layout they prefer. Requires the β€˜Grid table view switcherβ€˜ addon.

Automatic cost totalling

Show quantity * price calculated live for the products as customer changes the quantity in the table. Adds convenience and reduces confusion from the purchase process. (see demo)

Infinite scroll

You can enable infinite scroll in your tables so users don't have to use 1, 2, 3 page buttons and instead new results will simply keep appearing on the screen as they scroll the table.

Freeze table heading & columns

You can optionally freeze the table heading. A sticky table heading helps your customer keep track of column headings as they scroll. On wide tables left / right columns can also be made to freeze. (see demo)

Toggle child row

Show additional product information in a separate child row that can be toggled open / close by the visitor. Keeps your layout neat while still providing the option to quickly see more information for any product. (see doc)

Shortcode options to fine-tune product query

Dozens of shortcode attributes are available to fine tune your product query and show exactly the products you want in your table. Also helps you re-use your table to show different products simply by changing the shortcode options.

Auto hide empty filter options

As the visitor uses navigation filters to narrow down the products, empty filter options are automatically hidden. And each filter option shows an associated result count. (see here)

Property list

Show selected product properties like attributes, category, custom fields, etc in an expandable grid or list layout within product rows. Neatly provide information at a glance. (see demo)

Gallery images

Option to show the product gallery images in your product table. Visitor can hover to zoom or click to expand in popup. (see demo)

Category required to show results

Option to hide the product table results until your site visitor has selected category or attribute filter options. (see here)

Download button

You can add custom download buttons for each of your products in the table and provide product related files for download like PDF, audio, video, .zip etc. (see here)

Link product properties to navigation options

Attribute, category and tags printed in the table can be linked to their corresponding navigation options for easy filtering. (see here)

+ Show 20 more features

Highlighted and pre-calculated discounts

Show the sale discount as automatically calculated percentage or price difference (eg: β€œ10% OFF” or β€œ$50 OFF”). Highlight the discount and filter products that are on sale to attract attention. (see demo)

Range slider filter

Allow customers to conveniently use min-max range slider filters for price and custom fields. (see demo)

Variation picker

Visitors can pick the product variation they want directly from the product table itself and add it to their cart. No need to go to product page. Speeds up purchase process. (see demo)

Instant sort / search

For one page results where all products are pre-loaded on the screen, you can enable instant search and sort. (see demo)

Tooltips for more info.

Add tooltips to your navigation filters and tables to provide additional information and product properties. Keeps the table neat while still providing important information. (see demo)

Responsive filters

Your table navigation filters can be displayed on mobile phones in a smart popup. With this feature you can neatly display as many filters as you want without confusing visitors. So they can use filters just as easily on laptop.

Powerful search

Enhanced search can match keywords against all product properties including custom fields, SKU, attribute, taxonomy, category, tags, title, content. Customers will easily find the products they want.

Add to cart from quantity

Speed up shopping and give your store a premium feel by enabling add to cart directly from the quantity element. Requires the β€˜Add to cart from quantityβ€˜ addon.

Remove product from cart

Customers can conveniently remove items from their cart using the X remove button in the table itself, without needing to go to cart page each time. This makes managing the shopping cart much simpler. (see demo)

Favorite products list

Customers can create their own list of favorite products from your shop inventory by marking them. Makes it easier for customers to quikly find and their favorite items in the future and purchase them. Requires the β€˜Favorite productsβ€˜ addon.

Enhanced product image

Options to slightly zoom product image on row hover for a cool effect, or expand image in a separate magnified box on hover, show gallery image count or switch to first gallery image on hover.

Show category, attribute, taxonomy, tags as images

Show product properties as images, colors, or tooltips in the table and in the navigation filters. Greately improves the presentation of your shop and helps visitors understand products at a quick glance. Requires the β€˜Global term relabelβ€˜ addon.

Table view deep linking

The page URL is automatically changed as the visitor uses the table navigation filters. So they can copy the current URL to share / save their exact table view with selected filters. (see example)

Stock masking

Show special messages for specific stock ranges instead of revealing exact stock quantity. Eg: β€œLess than 50” for 20-50 stock or β€œHurry! Last few left” for 1 – 5 stock.

Conditional logic for elements

You are provided a broad range of condition options to dynamically decide if any table element should be printed in a product row or not. So you can show specific elements for specific products based on its properties. Unlock infinite possibilities!

Download CSV of products

Option to allow visitors to download product list in CSV file format. Also decide which product properties are allowed to be downloaded. (see doc | see demo)

Show the products previously ordered by customer

Help customers quickly re-purchase products by showing them in a product table. You can also hide previously ordered products. (see here)

14 pre-made tables

You can download any PRO demo, customize it fully the way you want and start using it on your site right now! (see here)

Form mode – show navigation form only

You can show just the table’s navigation form on one page and when visitor fills it out, they will be redirected to the shop page with the filters applied on the product table.

Translation ready

Absolutely any text inside the table can be changed or translated to language. And if you are creating a multi-language site then it also supports the WPML translation plugin.

Great mobile presentation to improve shopping on phones

βœ“ Easy to create product table display optimized for phones and tablets
βœ“ Amazing flexibility to create phone layout that suit yours shop needs

Now you can offer your mobile traffic the best shopping experience and increase your sales on phones.

List view
Convert the table to a neat β€˜list view’ on phones. Perfectly fits on small screens. Easy to browse products. Most popular choice among major e-commerce stores.
Fixed column
Best for data heavy tables where separate columns are necessary on phone as well. First column and heading stay fixed. This makes it easy to track product while scrolling horizontally.
Child row
Keep a neat, compact table view on phones. And hide additional product details in a child row. Visitors can easily check more information for any product they want.

PRO version 3rd party integration demos

WooCommerce Product Table PRO has by far the longest list of 3rd party plugin integrations in the product table genre. This gives you the option to add more useful functionalities to your product table and enhance the user experience. Below are a few highlights:

Get PRO benefits:

  • Help customers conveniently find products they want by adding a better navigation system. Don’t lose sales to confusion and frustration!
  • β€˜Downloadable demos’ make it easier to get started right away. These are fully customisable pre-made tables that you can place on your site today.
  • Exceed your competition by providing a superior shop browsing experience. Use PRO exclusive features to create top of the line, industry standard product tables while saving hundreds of dollars in development fee.  
  • Bring more functionality to your table through a large list of 3rd party plugin integrations covering wholesale, add-ons, compare, min-max quantity, quote request and much more.

Along with that:

  • All PRO version updates for 1 year
  • Priority customer support for 1 year
  • Risk free 30 day money back guarantee
  • Your current Lite version tables stay safe and get upgraded to PRO
  • The PRO version plugin is never locked even after license expires

For Only $59 $119

50% off for limited time! 🥳

Lifetime license also available at $249 only!

Check out dozens of 5 star reviews left by WooCommerce Product Table users. Trusted all over the world!

money back guarantee
Risk free 100% Money Back Guarantee πŸ‘ You can buy risk free right now thanks to 100% money back gurantee upto 30 days from purchase! If you aren't satisfied with WooCommerce Product Table PRO you can receive a full refund.

What WooCommerce Product Table PRO users say ❤️

Loved by web shop owners and developers around the world. The only plugin in its genre with over 200+ 5 star ratings on a public platform. A big thank you to the woocommerce community for the excellent reception!

❝ Helped boost revenue by three to four times on multiple sites we are running! This is an absolute game changer for woocommerce stores. ❞
Joan Taylor
CTO, Digital Blue
US web agency
❝ We've seen 100s of additional sales thanks to our vastly improved shopping experience. Now we always use it on woocommerce sites we build. ❞
Simon Smith
Founder, Maze Media
Aus. web agency
"Unreal UX and settings! It blows the competition out of the water! … tried 4 other table layout plugins but this blew me away! …"
"After taking a look at similar plugins, I have been extremely impressed by the flexibility and power of this one …"
"I’ve tried a dozen table plugins, but this one beats them all … allows you most customization and support is super helpful …"
"Top notch plugin and support … this is a great plugin and very powerful. Couldn't find another like this for making product tables …"
"Great plugin with swift, professional support. The plugin has more than you think at first sight. Highly customizable, no coding needed …"
"The best of the best … bought the pro version, and I have no regrets … a well finished product, which fully meets my needs …"

WooCommerce Product Table PRO β€” Achieve the perfect shop layout

Install the world’s most popular plugin for displaying WooCommerce products in a flexible table or list layout. Designed to boost sales by providing a modern e-commerce shopping experience for your customers.

user friendly tool
User friendly tool
An easy and intuitive tool, built to be used by absolutely everyone. Zero coding required, step by step tutorials, one-click instant presets. Backed by experienced support.
tried and tested solution
Tried and tested solution
Used on 10,000+ woo stores, over 4 years, with 99% 5 star ratings. You cannot go wrong with the world's most advanced, popular and trusted product display solution.
unlock shop potential
Unlock shop potential
Fixes all problems of the default woocommerce shop. Now you can finally provide your customers the perfect shopping experience on your site and boost your sales.

USPs for Wholesale Shop

Are you setting up a WooCommerce wholesale store? WooCommerce Product Table PRO has the features you need!

  • Ability to Hide the Price and Add to Cart button from the table until visitor has logged in with specific user role.
  • Integration with 2 powerful 3rd party wholesale plugins:
  • Replace the default product grid on the shop page with an easy to use custom wholesale order form table using the archive override facility.
  • Support and customization aimed at wholesale shops from developer with years of experience helping set up wholesale stores.

The best product table solution available

Your site deserves the best tool to create an amazing shopping experience! WooCommerce Product Table PRO offers you the most flexibility and features to help you create an excellent product layout on your shop. And this makes it the perfect investment for your e-commerce store.

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PRO (v3.1.2)
Basic table features These are common known product table features. PRO fulfils every standard table layout feature and then further exceeds the competition!

Product search A great search system is the fastest way to help you shoppers find the products they are looking for in your shop. PRO offers a more powerful search system.
Basic search properties Most product table plugins let you search through product properties like title, content, and sku.
Extended searchable properties PRO will also help you match products based on category, custom fields, attribute, and tags for more accurate results.
Search in variations SKUs If you are searching through product SKUs and you have variables products in your shop then you also search through their product variation for better matches.
Weighted search You can choose to give more / less weightage to matches based on specific product properties and also the degree of match. For example, an exact match with the complete product title can be made to rank much higher than a fuzzy match with some workds in the product description.

Product sorting Give your shoppers the option to sort products based on different criteria and easily compare products. PRO has more sorting options than any competitor.
Basic sorting option Basic options include sorting by name, price, SKU, and release date. And sorting by clicking on the table column headings.
Sort by attribute
Sort by category
Sort by custom taxonomy
Secondary sort criteria You can add an additional, secondary sorting critera that the plugin will use on top of the primary sort criteria.
Change labels You can easily add your own custom text labels for each sorting option if you wish.

Product filters All major ecommerce shops provide powerful filtering options to help quickly narrow down and discover products. PRO has the most sophisticated and complete filtering system.
Basic filters All basic filters options that are provided by competitors are also available in PRO like filtering by category, attribute, sale, availability, taxonomy, price, tags, etc. Also includes showing result count for each filter option and hiding filters with no possible results.
Show filters in sidebar You can show your product filters above the table as well as in a sidebar on the left / right side of the table. This help you create a neat professional looking arrangement of your filters.
Min-max range picker slider Convenient range slider facility for price and custom field filters. You can also create range options eg: 10 - 50, 51 - 100, 101+ etc.
Relabel filter options You can change any filter option text and add images, icons or tooltips for more information. You can even customize the 'clear filter' options that appear when you have selected filters.
Link table terms to filters You can make the category, attribute, tag and taxonomy terms appearing in the table clickable so that they trigger the same filters options in the table navigation.
Date picker Only product table plugin with date picker facility that is very useful for shops with date based products or to show products that were released in a specific time range.

Product image Smart product image facilities used by major ecommerce stores, now available for you.
Basic product image display Show the product image with option to click it and open in light box or go to product page. Product image can also change based on selectd product variation.
Enlarge image on hover Option to show larger version of the product image next to the mouse when the image is hovered. So shoppers can quickly see the images better while hovering their mouse.
Show gallery in light box When product image is clicked to show lightbox you can also gives visitors to open to go through all the gallery images one by one in the lightbox by click left / right icons.
Switch image on hover Optionally you can make the product image switch to the first image in the gallery when shopper hovers their mouse over it. This can help you provide more context for the product.

Mobile and tablet responsive Mobile traffic is now very imporant for ecommerce shops. And PRO has the most flexibility and features specially designed to show your products in the best way possible on small screen devices.
Basic responsive features PRO has the most flexibility among product table plugins to create dynamic layouts for all screen sizes. Competitor can only provide a very basic cookie-cutter layout on mobile screens. But with PRO you can truly build world class mobile shopping experience that is at par with major ecommerce stores.
Responsive navigation modal Major ecommerce stores normally show their navigation filters in a modal popup on phones. This is much neater than throwing up all the filter options on the tiny screen and cluttering it. With PRO you can easily show your filters in a modal popup on phones and tablets.
Multiple responsive modes Competitors can only offer a single cookie cutter template to show your tables on mobile devices. With PRO you can explore many more layouts for the perfect mobile shopping experience.

Checkbox add to cart With this facility you can add a checkbox in every product row and let customers select multiple products using these check boxes and add them to cart together.
Basic checkbox facility While most product table plugins offer basic facilities related to checkboxes, PRO goes one step ahead. Please see below.
Count and cost calculator You can add a special calculator above and below the table to show the total cost and count of all the items the shopper has check marked in the table.
Select multiple with shift key Once you click on a product's check box, and hold shift key and select another checkbox, all the checkboxes in between will also be automatically selected. This feature is common in professional stores but not offered by others.
Highlight checked rows The checked rows can be be highlighted with special color so that it is easy for shopper to keep track of them.

Starter templates When you are creating a new proudct table, to help you get started quickly PRO offers two starter templates - a regular table layout and a list layout with predefined elements. Just copy the shortcode and use on your site for instant results.

Fixed table header You can make the table header sticky so it stays fixed at the top of page as shopper scrolls the table. This makes browsing the table easier for them as they can always keep track of the column headings.

Instant search and sort You have the option to enable instant search and sort which makes the table look through products that are already printed on the page. This is great for shops with few products. The results are faster because the searching and sorting is done in the browser itself rather than on the server.

Variation picker You can add variation picker dropdown for variable products in your table rows. If you don't add variation pickers a modal popup will open up with variation options when shoppers add a variable proudct to cart.

Product variation table You can create a product table that shows product variations in separate rows for shopper\s convenience.

Row background hover color The product row background color can be changed when shopper hovers their mouse on it. This helps them keep track of the row they are checking out.

Group by category You can make the table group it's products by category and show the category heading above each group of products.

Translation ready Every word in your product table can be changed by you using the table's editor. And if you have a multi-language site you can use WPML plugin to make the table appear translated in both.

+ Show 7 more - Show less
Professional table features These features take your product table layout to the next level, matching top industry standards. Essential features for a modern ecommerce store.

Freeze table columns One large product tables with too many columns to fit on the screen you can freeze the columns on the left and / or right side of the product table. These columns will remain sticky while visitor scrolls the table.

Automatic total cost calculator Adding multiple quantity of products to cart requires unnecessary mental calculation. You can add the Totalling element in your table which automatically calculates and shows the quantity * price to shoppers.

Downloadable demo templates Other than the starter template the PRO version also offers over a dozen downloadable demos. So you can instantly print any PRO demo on your own site.

Infinite scroll On tables with multiple pages of products you can provide the infinite scroll facility to shoppers. So more products are automatically added to the table as shopper scrolls to the bottom. This facility is common among many popular ecommerce stores.

Deep styling options PRO offers the largest amount of styling options for each and every element in the table. You can color and shape the design exactly how you want it to be.

Multiple elements & rows in columns The table columns can have as many elements as you wish to add and you can separate these elements into separate inner rows. This gives you much more flexibility with the table design.

Remove from cart button Sometimes shoppers add proudcts to cart by mistake. Don't make them go to cart page just to remove products. Instead provide 'x' button in the product rows to remove the product from cart if they added it by mistake.

Child rows Each table row can be given a child row with further product information inside it. This row can be opened / closed by the shopper if they want to quickly see more information about the product without leaving the shop page.

Product image gallery Using show your product gallery thumbnails in the table rows. The images can be expanded on hover or opened in lightbox on click.

Multiple heading rows You can add multiple heading rows above the table. This facility is useful for shops that need to create groups in the headings.

Download product list as CSV A 'download CSV' button can be added to the top of the page and it will download all products from the table in a CSV file, with the product properties that you have permitted to be downloaded.

Tooltips You can add the tooltip element anywhere in your product table and the navigation. This can help you neatly provide more information to the shoppers where needed.

Inner property list / grid box Using the Property element you can show any set of product properties inside each table row in a mini-table or grid layout.

+ Show 6 more - Show less
Other advanced features Other 'behind the scenes' advanced facilities you will only find in PRO.

Conditional logic for table elements You can apply a large set of conditions on any element in a PRO table so it will appear / hide in certain product rows based on your criteria.

3rd party integration PRO brings the longest list of 3rd party plugin integartions so you can bring in tons of additional functionality inside your product table like request a quote, product addons, variation swatches, wholesale discounts, etc.

JSON LD for SEO On archive pages the plugin will automatically print the correct JSON LD based on the products dispalyed in the table. Competitors leave out or mismatch this microdata that is essential for good SEO.

URL deep linking The page URL changes as shoppers filter products. This makes it easy for them to return to this filtered view by copying the page URL and saving / sharing it with others.

Override element templates Developers can override any table element's template either using filter hooks or by adding new templates to the theme folder.

So take advantage of the benefits starting today! 👍