WooCommerce Product Table

The best plugin to help you create WooCommerce product table layout and increase conversions. Give a clear birds-eye-view of your shop’s offerings and match prospective customers with their desired products immediately.

WooCommerce Product Table Lite Demos

In case you require advanced facilities in your woocommerce product table, then please check out the superior PRO version.

WooCommerce Product Table PRO: For professional results

Adds dozens of powerful features for e-commerce shops that require professional results. Use the PRO version to create your next level woocommerce product catalog tables.

Looking for a specific ‘PRO’ facility?

Below you can find demos of WooCommerce Product Table integrations with 3rd party plugins and built-in facilities.

WooCommerce Product Table PRO demos

Includes 8 downloadable WCPT PRO demos you can start using right now on your site!

WCPT PRO Features

WooCommerce Product Table PRO offers dozens of unbeatable powerful features.
Below is a list of few feature highlights. But you can see even more WCPT PRO features here.

Archive override

Replace the default product grid with a product table on your product archive pages- Shop, Category, Search, Attribute, Tag (demo)

Variation table

Show all the variations of a variable product in separate rows in your product table (demo)


Customers can easily add multiple products to their cart using ‘add to cart checkbox’ instead of buttons (demo)

Remove from cart

Customers can conveniently remove items from their cart using the X remove button, without needing to go to cart page (demo)

USP features you cannot find anywhere else!

  • Downloadable demos – start using them right now on your site
  • Fine tune table template with an intuitive editor
    • Styling – options to target anything from entire table down to inner elements
    • Position – elements can be placed in multiple rows within same column
    • Conditions – Hide / show elements based on variety of product criteria
  • Exclusive UI elements – Tooltips, Property List, Total, Remove
  • Re-label terms – change label text or show as image or icon
  • Range slider – for custom field and price filters
  • SEO conscious – JSON LD data inserted for improved page ranking

That’s not all! There are many more WCPT PRO features. Click the link below to view more features.

Get PRO exclusive features:

  • More navigation filters – Custom field, Attribute, Availability, Sale, Taxonomy, Rating filters, Range slider.
  • Re-label terms for: Attribute, Category and Taxonomy. Change the term text or show as image or icon.
  • Download buttons for any file type – audio, video, PDF.
  • Sorting icons in column headings.  
  • Freeze left / right column or heading.
  • Add to cart with Checkbox.
  • Show product total and table total.
  • ‘Downloadable’ demos you can start using right now.
  • Dozens more features
  • Dozens of 3rd party plugin integrations

Along with that:

  • All PRO version updates for 1 year
  • Priority support for 1 year
  • Risk free 30 day money back guarantee
  • Your current WCPT Lite tables stay safe and get upgraded to PRO
  • WCPT PRO is never locked even after license expires

For Only $49 $59

A no-brainer fantastic investment for your e-commerce store!

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