WooCommerce Product Table

The best plugin to help you create WooCommerce product table layout and increase conversions. Give a clear birds-eye-view of your shop’s offerings and match prospective customers with their desired products immediately.

WooCommerce Product Table Lite Demos

In case you require advanced facilities in your woocommerce product table, then please check out the superior PRO version.

WooCommerce Product Table PRO: For professional results

Adds dozens of powerful features for e-commerce shops that require professional results. Use the PRO version to create your next level woocommerce product catalog tables.

Looking for a specific ‘PRO’ facility?

Below you can find demos of WooCommerce Product Table integrations with 3rd party plugins and built-in facilities.

WooCommerce Product Table PRO demos

Includes 8 downloadable WCPT PRO demos you can start using right now on your site!

WCPT PRO Features

WooCommerce Product Table PRO offers dozens of unbeatable powerful features.
Below is a list of few feature highlights. But you can see even more WCPT PRO features here.

Archive override

Replace your shop page product grid with a table. You can do this for category, search, attribute and tag pages as well. (demo)

Variation table

Show all the variations of a variable product in separate rows in your product table. (demo)


Customers can easily add multiple products to their cart using ‘add to cart checkbox’ instead of buttons. (demo)

Remove from cart

Customers can conveniently remove items from their cart using the X remove button, without needing to go to cart page. (demo)

USP features you cannot find anywhere else!

No other product table plugin can match the comprehensive list of facilities offered by WooCommerce Product Table PRO.

Download demos

You get 8 pre-made downloadable demos to help you get started with your PRO table right away. (see here)

Live Cost Totalling

Show Quantity * Price calculated live for the products as customer changes the quantity in the table. (see demo)

Gallery images

Display thumbnails from the product gallery inside your product table. (see demo)

Element conditions

Broad range of condition options to dynamically decide if an element will appear in a product row. (see here)

Form mode

Hide the product table and only show its navigation form. Redirect to another page for results. (see doc)

Category filter required

Optionally hide the table products until the category or attribute filter is used. (see here)


Show additional information and properties inside tooltip to keep the table view neat. (see here)

Show previous orders

Help customers quickly re-purchase products by showing them in a product table. (see here)

Attribute term as image

Show attribute terms like veg / non-veg as images or icons for improved presentation. (see demo)

Range slider

Allow customers to conveniently use min max range slider in price and custom field filters. (see here)

Freeze columns & heading

For wide tables freeze the left / right columns while allowing horizontal scroll. Also freeze table heading. (see demo)

Download button

Add a custom download button in your table and provide product related file for download. (see here)

Table view deep linking

Page URL is auto-modified as you use table navigation. Copy the URL to share your exact table view with others. (see example)

Property list

List out the product properties inside each product row in neat grids. Easy to scan and compare even in list view. (see demo)

Link terms with navigation

Category, tag and attribute terms printed in table can be linked to the table navigation. (see here)

That’s not all! There are many more WCPT PRO features. Click the link below to view more features.

Get PRO benefits:

  • Help customers conveniently find products they want by adding more navigation filters. Don’t lose sales to confusion and frustration!
  • Downloadable demos’ make it easier to get started right away. These are fully customisable pre-made tables that you can place on your site today.
  • Exceed your competition by providing a superior UI experience. Use PRO exclusive features to create top of the line, industry standard product tables while saving hundreds of dollars in development fee.  
  • Bring more functionality to your table through a large list of 3rd party plugin integrations covering wholesale, add-ons, compare, min-max quantity, quote request and much more.

Along with that:

  • All PRO version updates for 1 year
  • Priority support for 1 year
  • Risk free 30 day money back guarantee
  • Your current WCPT Lite tables stay safe and get upgraded to PRO
  • WCPT PRO is never locked even after license expires

For Only $49 $59

A no-brainer fantastic investment for your e-commerce store!

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Custom work

Need further customization for your product table? You can contact support with your requirement details for a custom work quote. Please see examples of custom work:

Note: The following items are not included in WCPT PRO. They require custom work, which is provided for a separate fee.

Collect order meta

During add to cart, collect additional information such as page and table from where the add to cart took place and extra input options provided to customer.

Record these details and print them on the backend order page. Also, optionally print them on cart and checkout page for each item.

Grid / Table View switcher

Provide grid and table view switcher icons at the top of the table and give your prospective customers the option to browse the products as table or grid, making the UI more premium and convenient. Content in both views will be customizable.

Directly add to cart from quantity input

Normally your customers need to use the ‘Add to cart button’. But with this customization they can use the quantity + / – buttons to directly add products to cart (or change quantity in cart). No need for the ‘Add to cart’ button.