If required, you can contact the plugin author directly at

    Debugging steps

    Following are the common debugging steps you need to take in case you are facing any issue with the plugin:

    1. For a moment, deactivate all the plugins on your site except WooCommerce and WCPT. Now check whether the problem still occurs.
    2. If the problem stops, then it means that WCPT PRO was conflicting with one of the other plugins on your site. So activate other plugins one by one, each time checking to see if the error has returned. This way you identify the plugin that is conflicting with WCPT and causing the error on your site.
    3. If the problem did not stop when you disabled other plugins, then try switching your theme to the default 2016 wordpress theme for a moment.
    4. If the problem stops now then you found WCPT conflicts with your theme.
    5. If you have found that WCPT conflicts with either your theme or another plugin, then please consider replacing that module. However if the module is essential to your site then follow the next step.
    6. Create a duplicate of your site for testing purposes and remove any sensitive information from that duplicate test site. Then send the FTP and admin login credentials for this duplicate site to for testing the issue there. Since the issue occurs specifically on your site only, testing needs to be done directly on your site duplicate in order to fix it.