WooCommerce Product Table Tutorials

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How to use – quick video guide

This detailed step-by-step walkthrough video will help you build your first woocommerce product table right now.
You can also completely customize your product table – styling, layout, columns.

For further details check out the tutorials below. You can also refer to documentation on specific topics and FAQs for questions.

Step by step detailed tutorials

1. Basics tutorial 1/2

  • Create columns and add elements to them
  • Make the table responsive – mobile friendly

woocommerce product table lite

2. Basics tutorial 2/2

  • Create attribute and custom field columns
  • Add an AJAX add to cart button

woocommerce product table lite

3. Product ‘List’ layout

  • Create a layout that looks like a product list instead of strict table
  • Add multiple rows within the columns
  • Add a mobile friendly layout as well

woocommerce product table lite

4. Navigation UI

  • Customize navigation elements
  • Create a left navigation sidebar
  • Responsive navigation for phones

woocommerce product table lite