Create ‘download button’ in your WooCommerce Product Table

Using WooCommerce Product Table PRO you can easily create download buttons in your table giving users the option to download files related to the product. You can provide any file type for download such as a PDF brochure / mp3 audio preview / mp4 video trailer / software zip file.

You can provide multiple download buttons in the same table row. Therefore you can provide download links for different files associated with the product, such as different versions of the audio track.

Create download button

First, for each product you need to create a custom field with the same name like download-1 and provide the download URL in the value of that custom field. 

If your site has ACF installed the custom fields section might not appear. In that case just create a text field (not URL field) using ACF. 

Once you have created the custom field for a few Create a button element in your columns and use the following settings:

Externally hosted files

If your file is being hosted from another domain, then it is not always possible to use this method to provide a download. Due to the CORS specification,  most browsers will not allow this.

However, a workaround exists for 2 very popular hosting choices:

Google drive

Please check the guide here and follow the steps to generate download links for your google drive files.  


Please check this guide to create a direct download link for your dropbox hosted files.