Add a ‘Download CSV’ button to WooCommerce Product Table

WCPT PRO users can provide their prospective customers with the facility to download product information in CSV format. You can also control which product properties are downloaded in this CSV file. 

woocommerce product table download csv button

Having the products in a CSV file gives your customers the ability to view the product information in MS Excel, Google sheets and other spreadsheet programs. They are then free to explore the data with specialised software, putting them in a better position to make a purchase decision. 

It also makes it easy for your customers to print out the product data for later access or for sharing with others.

Following is a list of important pointers regarding using this facility:

  • To add the Download CSV button in your table navigation, go to your table’s settings > navigation > click on +Add element > select the Download CSV element. 
Add Download CSV button to your woocommerce product table
  • Open the settings of this ‘Download CSV’ element. You will find by default it has 3 product property columns assigned. Modify this list to include the properties that you need to show on the CSV downloadable file. 

In the following example we add a new property column to the CSV. We are adding a CSV column for the attribute ‘Maker’ and giving it the same heading ‘Maker’.

  • Remember to give each CSV column a heading as well. This heading will show up in the downloaded CSV file and give context to the viewer. 

  • The option to download products from all result pages can be significantly more resource intensive. For this reason most large product database sites like Mouser only provide current page products in the downloaded CSV file. Do test downloads of the CSV file and consider if the performance is adequate.