Shortcode attributes

Using shortcode attributes included in WCPT you can save a lot of time and effort while creating new tables that need a modified query. For example:

[product_table id=”123″ category=”Clothing, Shoes”] will use the table to display products in category Clothing or Shoes.

[product_table id=”123″ ids=”111, 222, 333″] will use the same shortcode / table but only display products with IDs 111, 222, 333.

As you can imagine, this saves a lot of work as you can create a table and then re-use it to display different results based on different queries that are generated using the shortcode attributes.

You can find the list of shortcode attributes next to the shortcode on any product table editor page.

Some shortcode attributes are marked PRO and are available in the premium version of the plugin WCPT PRO