The ToolTip element offers excellent potential to improve your table presentation. Consider the following:

– The tooltip element basically increases the available surface area in which you can present data. This is especially helpful when fitting the table into narrower screens. Now you can present the same information, in a smaller space. 

– When you need to display large chunks of text like excerpt or some specification, you do not need to spoil your table layout. You can still keep a neat column based layout while packing the text chunk in tooltips. 

– Tooltips can be used to provide special notes, explanation about data highlights. You might be using an icon or image to represent a property and a tooltip to provide additional context for clarity.

– Information that is nice to include but not really essential can be presented in tooltips so that precious user attention is focused first on the most important bits of data.


Both, the label and the content part of the tooltip can be individually styled. You can also style the elements that you place inside the tooltip.

In some cases you might like to make the label background transparent, for example when displaying an exclamation icon or an image in the label. 

You can also set a max-width for the tooltip content section in case of broader / narrower content.

Special notes

Element condition

The toolTip element provides a Condition section (same as other column elements). This section lets you toggle element based on certain criteria. You can leverage this to place multiple tooltip elements in your columns and only display them when specific criteria are met.

Relabeling terms

Attribute terms can be relabeled using the ‘Custom term labels’ section in the attribute element. This can be a smart place to use tooltips if additional information needs to be provided for the element.