How do I create a woocommerce tire shop?

By following this simple and quick guide anyone can create the perfect woocommerce tire shop today itself. No coding knowledge is needed. We will only use simple visual tools. So just about anyone can easily create their woocommerce tyre shop with this guide.

Examples of woocommerce tire product lists

Below you will find examples of product list layout for woocommerce tyre shop. Once we have covered this guide you will find it easy to build such product list layouts (and much more) on your own woocommerce tire shop:

Create the basic woocommerce tyre product

If you are not familiar with how to create woocommerce products, please see this tutorial video. It will quickly cover the topic for you. After that you can follow along these steps:

  • Create a new woocommerce product and add the tire product’s name and price.
  • You can also add information about that tire in the content section of the woocommerce product and add a feature image. 

Add other tire properties to your woocommerce product 

  • Perhaps you would like to add other properties to the tire tire product as well such as width, aspect ratio, diameter, manufacturer, weather condition etc. For this you can use the global woocommerce attributes facility. Then add the attribute to your tire product as well as related terms.

Create a woocommerce product list layout for your tyre shop

  • Step one is to purchase, install and activate the WooCommerce Product Table PRO plugin on your site. We will be using this plugin to create the tire product list.
  • Next please see the quick and simple how to use tutorial video for this plugin so that you can start using the plugin right away.
  • To help you get immediate results the plugin also provides you downloadable tire product listing demos that you can setup on your site right away. You can also customize these demos to look the way you want. So go ahead and install a downloadable tire demo on your site: Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3. See FAQs > Other > How do I import the PRO version downloadable product table demos to my site?
  • After you have installed the demo on your site, just watch the how to modify preset tutorial video and you will be ready to begin customizing your product list or table layout the way you want.

Setup tire shop product list navigation

  • If you are using one of the downloadable demo then you will find that the navigation section of the list is already setup for you. And if you wish to further modify the navigation simply watch the product table navigation tutorial. Then make the changes you want to the navigation filters.

– Optional tips –

  • You may also like to add an automatic result count next to each of the navigation filter options. For this please see FAQs > Navigation > How do I dynamically hide empty filter options (adaptive filtering) that have no results? How do I show filter count?
  • Also, if you are using global woocommerce attributes in your tire products and you have printed these attributes in the table columns then you can add another feature for better UX. You can connect the filters options in the navigation with the attribute terms in the product table / list for easier navigation. See FAQs > Navigation > How do I link category and attribute elements with their filters so that clicking them activates their corresponding filter?

Use icons instead of text for better presentation

In the tire shop demos above you may have noticed icons being used to show some tire properties such as vehicle type, driving condition, weather condition. And the manufacturer is represented by their own logo image.

Using icons and images in the product listing (instead of plain text) improves its visual presentation and makes it quick to understand at a glance. This increases the appeal of the listing to the prospective customer. They are more likely to favor our site over competitors and more likely to find the product they want and complete the sale.

You can use the global term relabel addon to replace plain text names of attribute terms and categories with more striking icons, images and information tooltips.

Add a favorites products facility to your tire listing

Almost all the popular auto parts shops provide their shoppers the option to add different products to a ‘favorites list’. The shops provide this options because it is known to help increase sales on the site. This ‘favorite products’ facility makes it much easier for your shoppers to mark out and keep track of their preferred products. Later they can quickly find these particular products when they return to shop in the future and buy products from their favorite product list at any time.

You can also easily add this ‘favorite products’ facility to your tire product listing by following these steps: