Product tables improve shopping experience and sales

Let’s explore the impact of product table layout on your shop. How it helps enhance the shopping experience on your site, increases sales and gives your e-commerce shop a clear edge over the competition.

What is a product table?

By default WooCommerce only displays products in a grid layout with each product represented in a cell. This is a very limiting layout and not at all the ideal way to display products for most stores. 

While browsing the product grid if your shopper wishes to explore any product further they have to click on the product cell and go to the product page and repeat this tedious exercise for each product that they may be interested in. This is a slow process, and makes browsing and comparing products harder. Therefore they are also less likely to make purchases with such a shop layout.

A product table layout (see demos) is meant to increase sales by making it much quicker and easier for your shoppers to compare and find the products they want, and buy them immediately right from the shop browsing page. Which is why a well prepared product table layout can have a huge impact on your shop conversions and give you a major advantage over competition. 

The traditional grid layout of products is only suitable for products that are heavily image focused, and the other product properties have little to no impact on purchase decision. And with WooCommerce Product Table PRO’s addon called Grid Table View Switcher you can even give your shoppers the option to switch between grid and table layout while browsing your products. This gives your prospective customers the best of both worlds, putting them in a better position to explore and purchase products from your store. 

Do you need it?

WooCommerce Product Table PRO is capable of creating a table as well as list like view.

Examples of pure table view: Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3

Examples of list like view: Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3

For many product types such as food, spare parts, music, electronics, gaming cards, etc it is absolutely essential to provide a table or list like view in order to let the shoppers easily browse the products in the fastest, most convenient way.

And for all other product types it is highly beneficial to give your shoppers the option to also view the products in a table / list view even if you keep the grid view as the primary layout on your site. 

Great shopping experience is absolutely essential for increasing product sales. Which is why the product listing should be top notch on any web shop. It should be easy for your prospective customers to browse your products and quickly find the ones they want. Which is why a product table / list layout option should definitely be available on every web shop. Not providing your shoppers the right browsing experience can lead to unnecessarily lost sales. On the other hand by making shopping easier on your site you get a great edge over competitors.

Which is why a product table layout, at least as the secondary layout if not primary is essential for any e-commerce shop looking to boost profits. 

How to set it up on your site?

It is very easy to set up a new product table on your website or even replace the existing product grids on your site with tables using WooCommerce Product Table PRO. 

You can get started with your first product table within a couple of minutes using built-in presets (see preset getting started video). You can also download any of the plugin PRO demos and install them on your site. These pre-built tables are fully customisable so you can modify them as per your site requirements. Or you can create a custom table from scratch if you wish. 

The plugin provides clear step by step tutorials that anyone can follow along and are designed to help you get started immediately. As well as documentation, and FAQs. And you also have the option of email support if you have any special questions to clarify. 

WooCommerce Product Table PRO users have set up fantastic product table shops on their stores to improve their sales and so can you! 

You can start with the free version of the plugin right now, which is useful for getting started but limited. Then progress to the PRO version for exclusive features aimed at greatly improve shopping experience and product sales at your store.