WooCommerce display products in table

For some web shops, the product catalog looks best in a table view.  A product list or grid view will simply not work as well. But the problem is that while WooCommerce does have convenient shortcodes for product grid and product list view, unfortunately there is no shortcode to make WooCommerce display products in table.

This is why the  WooCommerce Product Table plugin was created. With this plugin you can easily make WooCommerce show products in tables. It is free and it does not require any coding knowledge. Now anyone can conveniently create simple or complex product table structure, with features such as search, sorting, pagination and styling.

WooCommerce Product Table PRO
WooCommerce Product Table Pro brings you powerful features to create fantastic product tables that convert.
Create tables of any shape and size. Control functionality and styling to create the exact  product table you need for the job.

WooCommerce Product Table Reponsive
Great responsive features to achieve the perfect look on small screen devices as well. Create a seamless experience for conversion on mobile as well.

When to make WooCommerce show products in table?

1. As the main product catalog

For some shops it makes sense to only use table view for their product catalog and drop any grid or list view from their website entirely. This is especially true when:

  1. Product images are not the main focus in the product catalog. Such as, in the case of books, music, machine parts, software, common food items, etc 
  2. Shoppers are mainly interested in comparing products along certain columns. Such as numeric attributes, rating, etc.

2. As a supplementary product view

For other shops a product table view can be a great supplement to their existing product grid/list view. It would give their shoppers the additional facility of exploring their products in a table view as well, which makes sorting and visually comparing products along columns much easier.


If you have been stuck without a great table view for your product catalog you do not need to worry any more. Can WooCommerce display products in table on its own? No. But is there an easy solution for this? Yes! With the WooCommerce Product Table plugin you can conveniently manage multiple product tables across your website and maximize your opportunity for conversion. You should try it today!