WooCommerce product list table

A hybrid between a pure table and list view, the WooCommerce product list table is a great way to organize products in your shop. While WooCommerce does have an easy shortcode for creating simple product lists, unfortunately it significantly lacks power. Web shops need a tool to easily create and manage multiple product lists across their site with functionality such as search, sort, pagination, filter and responsive control.

This is why the WooCommerce Product Table plugin was created. Using this neat tool you can easily create you beautiful and responsive WooCommerce product list view in no time. You can list products by category, IDs, SKU, etc. And it comes replete with all the functionality for creating a great product catalog. What’s more? This is a free plugin!

At first WCPT may seem mainly table oriented. But check out the plugin demos and you will find it can be used as an excellent WooCommerce product list plugin as well. 

Easily create WooCommerce product list table
WooCommerce product list table – narrow lists
WooCommerce product list view for a restaurant menu
 Easily create WooCommerce product list view for a restaurant menu
WooCommerce Product Table Reponsive
WooCommerce product list table – fully responsive

You should create a WooCommerce product list view when:

  1. The shop products need to be easily compared by a specific column such as movie rating, price, width, etc. Visually tracking a column to make comparisons between products is much easier than tracking the field in a grid.
  2. You need to provide a sizeable amount of information for each product. This may be required because the products need some context which will not be possible without the additional information. In such a case product list shines as compared to grid / pure table. 
  3. You need your products to be neatly presented in a narrow space such as the sidebar or a footer column. Product lists fit perfectly in such tight spaces.


Now you don’t need to worry about creating an excellent WooCommerce product list table for your site anymore. While this is not a default WooCommerce functionality, WooCommerce product table plugin perfectly fills the gap and makes it easy to create a WooCommerce product list view. So download the free plugin and start increasing your shop sales now!