Elementor PRO template

Time required: 4 mins

Elementor PRO offers users the facility to create their own custom templates for their site. Some users may wish to use this facility to create custom templates for their product archive pages.

In case you are also using the Archive Override facility included in WCPT PRO you may face an issue with your product table not showing up on the custom product archive page created with Elementor PRO.

This issue occurs because their Elementor PRO template system overrides WCPT PRO’s archive override facility.

You can confirm this by temporarily deactivating Elementor PRO on your site. You will find that on product archive pages your product tables start appearing again when Elementor PRO is deactivated.  

Below, you will find instructions on how to resolve this conflict.

Before we being please note, this tutorial assumes you have already done the following two:

  1. Using Elementor PRO you have created a template with display condition to appear on Product Archive pages only. If you have a template to override all archives, not just product archives, then you need to first create a new template that only overrides Product Archives. The instructions in this tutorial are to be applied on this Product Archives template only.
  2. You need to configure your WCPT Archive Override facility to assign tables to different product archive pages. If you have not done this, product table will not appear on your archive pages even after you have followed the other instructions here.

Once you have ensured the above two requirements have been met, please follow these steps to resolve the conflict:

1. In Elementor, go to your product archive customization screen page. 

2.  Delete the ‘Archive Products’ section from your template.

3. In your Elementor panel > Elements section search for ‘Text’. The Text widget element will come up on the screen. Drag and drop it on your template, below the title (where the Archive Products element was placed earlier).

4. In the settings of the Text widget element enter [wcpt_elementor]. This special shortcode will print your product table on the page according to your settings in WP Admin > Product Tables > Settings > Archive Override.

In case you have any difficulty following this guide, please contact support.