Import / Export

With the import / export facility you can easily migrate all your WCPT PRO tables and settings between sites in just a minute.

Product tables import / export

Use this facility to migrate your product tables. The proper sequence during migration should be:

  1. Backup site database
  2. Migrate products
  3. Migrate product tables
  4. Migrate settings

Explanation for sequence: When you import WooCommerce products in the new site, the necessary taxonomies and terms are imported as well. This ensure that when the tables are imported, the required taxonomies and terms are already present on the site. The import facility is then able to correctly replace the taxonomies and terms in the imported tables’ settings and map them to the new site’s taxonomies and terms. Later, when you import setting, since tables have already been imported, the import facility is able to map the correct tables in the archive override facility. If the tables were not imported earlier, the import facility will not be able to maintain the archive override settings.

Plugin settings import / export

Use this facility to migrate the plugin settings. Please note:

  1. Before migrating plugin settings, please migrate products and tables first, otherwise archive override settings will be migrated. See the above section for more information.
  2. License key is never included in the export data. Therefore, you need to manually deactivate the license key from the previous site and then activate it on the new site.

Stuck? Get assistance!

In case you have any issues in using this facility, please feel free to contact support here