Re-label terms

WCPT PRO lets you relabel category, attribute and taxonomy terms to different text, image, icon, in the tables through the ‘Custom term labels’ facility.

Text relabel

Open the ‘Custom term labels’ panel in the element settings and modify the text element of any term you wish to relabel.

Image relabel

Open the ‘Custom term labels’ section and locate a term you wish to relabel. Delete its default text element, and add a ‘Media Image’ element instead. Create the image    

Icon relabel

The process is similar to Image relabel, except the text element is replaced with an Icon element here. 

To add a custom SVG icon you an use the HTML element instead.  

If you have an image icon you can use the Media Image element instead. Please remember to use the Width option of the Media Image element to give the image a custom width in the table.


  • The relabeling can only be done for the first 50 terms listed in alphabetical order.
  • The relabeling has to be done for each table. So if you have several tables it can involve more work.