WCPT PRO + Name Your Price integration

WooCommerce Product Table PRO offers out-of-the-box integration with the official Name Your Price plugin!
The two plugins work very well together. So now you can combine the best woocommerce product table plugin with the best woocommerce name your price plugin!

As part of this integration you will be able to show your Name Your Price fields in your product table (integration demos).

What is the ‘Name Your Price’ plugin?

The Name Your Price plugin offers excellent facilities for shops that wish to give their customers the option to set their own price for the products that they are purchasing.

In addition, the plugin will let you define minimum and maximum price for your products and offer the customer a suggested price as well.

So if you are interested in creating a shop where customers enter their own prices for the products (within a pre-set range), then you should definitely check out this plugin.

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