How do I create a WooCommerce Wine Shop?

With this simple A-Z guide you can quickly create a great woocommerce wine shop today itself. No coding knowledge required. We will only use simple tools so anyone can following along.

Examples of woocommerce wine shop product lists

Below you will find examples of woocommerce wine shop product lists. Once you have followed this guide you will be able to create such woocommerce wine lists on your site as well:

Create the basic woocommerce wine product

In case you are not yet familiar with creating woocommerce products please see this tutorial video. Then follow these steps:

  • Create a new woocommerce product and add the wine name and price.
  • You may also add information about that wine in the content section of the product and image thumbnail. 

Add other wine properties to your woocommerce product 

  • You may also like to add other properties to the wine such as country, region, brand, type etc. For this you need to create global woocommerce attributes. Then add the attribute terms to your wine.

Create the woocommerce product list layout for your wine shop

  • First, you need to purchase, install and activate the WooCommerce Product Table PRO plugin on your site. We will use this plugin to create the wine list.
  • Now you may like to watch the quick and simple how to use tutorial video for this plugin so you can start using it right away.
  • For immediate results the plugin provides you downloadable demos that you can setup on your site right away then customize them how you want. So go ahead and install a downloadable wine demo on your site: Demo 1, Demo 2. See FAQs > Other > How do I import the PRO version downloadable product table demos to my site?
  • Then watch the how to modify preset tutorial video to start customizing your product table the way you want.

Setup product table navigation

  • If you are using a downloadable demo then the navigation would already be setup for you. If you wish to modify the navigation simply watch the product table navigation tutorial. Then change the navigation filters in the ways that you want.

– Optional tips –

  • You may also like to add an automatic count for each of the attribute filter options in the navigation. For this please see FAQs > Navigation > How do I dynamically hide empty filter options (adaptive filtering) that have no results? How do I show filter count?
  • If you are using global woocommerce attributes in your wine products and you have printed these attributes in the table columns then you can also connect the filters options with the attributes in the table for easier navigation. See FAQs > Navigation > How do I link category and attribute elements with their filters so that clicking them activates their corresponding filter?

Create size variations for your wine products

You may like to provide your customers the option to buy your wine bottles in different sizes such as 750ml, 1.5L etc. Only follow these steps if you do need to provide different bottle size options:

  • Create a new global attribute called ‘Bottle size’ and add terms to it based on sizes such as 750ml, 1.5L etc. 
  • Turn your wine product into a Variable product by going to its Product data settings and selecting the option. If you are not familiar with this you can read more about variable products here.
  • Create size based variations for your wine product based on the Bottle size global attribute. Then add different prices for the variations based on the size of the bottle.
  • Now your wine store customers will be asked to select the bottle size while adding the wine to their shopping cart. Optionally you can also place the ‘Select variation’ element in any column of your product table to provide the size option dropdown inside the table itself. 

Create a favorites list facility

Popular wine shops and established e-commerce shops in general always provide their shoppers with the option to add different products in a ‘favorites list’. They provide this options because it is known to help increase sales on the site. The favorite wine list facility makes it much easier for your shoppers to pick out and keep track of their preferred wines, quickly find these particular wines when they return to shop in the future and buy items from their favorite list at any time.

You can easily add this favorite products facility to your product table by following these steps:

  • Purchase, install and activate the simple favorite products addon on your site.
  • Then use the step by step setup guide to help you create a page to show the visitor’s favorites list on your site and provide the ‘add to favorite’ button in your wine list.